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About us

Summarily information about company...


     Our company has been founded at 2017 by Seckin KESER who has experience more then 20 years in this sector by working in different companies as a production manager.

     For now we are serving in domestic and foreign markets with our 7 employees. In domestic market our 2 shuttles serve to our dealers twice in a month. In domestic market we have more then 150 dealers which are in 60 cities of Turkey. Also by our increasing reliability our dealer network is increasing day by day. Our aim is to meet the changing and developing needs of the sector and to be a continuously developing company.

     For now we export 5 foreign countries. Also our other aims are to increase this to 20 countries next year and after 5 years from our foundation to reach 70 countries. With our experience in sector we believe and know that we can provide all your needs about milking and livestock. You may see that by looking into wide product range in our website and by trying our products.

     Reliable quality, exclusive brand; SECKIN…